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We are at your disposal to solve your problems related to:

  • Crimes against traffic safety, traffic accidents, alcohol.

  • Disobedience and attack on authority.

  • Assistance to the Detainee in Police Station and Court.

  • Domestic violence and abuse.

  • Drugs and crimes against public health.

  • Complaints and complaints.

  • Prison treatment: classification, sanctions, leave.

  • Third grade.

  • Injuries, homicides and murders.

  • Economic crimes, robberies, scams, thefts, misappropriation.

  • Sexual abuse.

  • Coercion, threats, insults and slander.

  • Documentary falsehoods, false testimony.

  • Proceedings before the juvenile court.

  • Breach of sentence.

  • Resources.

  • Crimes of abandonment of family.

  • Speedy trials.

  • Economic crimes

  • Communications and Visits. Exit Permits

  • Third Degree, Probation, Pardon or change of penitentiary center.

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Lawyer specialized in Criminal and Penitentiary Law, collegiate nº 1877 in the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Elche (ICAE) and member of the team of lawyers of the Firm HL-ABOGADOS​

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